Shipping Insurance

Insure your candy

Do I need shipping insurance? 

Over the river and through the woods can sometimes be a dangerous journey for candy. That's why we now offer low-cost shipping insurance to protect your precious cargo on its way to you. In the event that your package is lost, stolen, or arrives broken, we will provide a hassle-free replacement or refund to you.

How much does it cost?

Protect your order for $0.98 USD if the cart is less $100, or 1% of the cart value if the cart total is over $100.

Stick Candy exception:

We do our best to safely package Stick Candy but cannot guarantee that it will arrive unbroken. 

How do I file a claim to get a replacement or a refund?

When you decide to purchase Shipping Insurance it will appear as a line-item on your order's packing list. If you experience a shipping problem, call or click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of our website. Include your order number when contacting us.